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30th June 2020 is exactly 28 years to the day at ten O'Clock sharp in the evening that Scottie McClue took to the airwaves on Red Rose Radio in Preston on Red Rose Gold 999AM Serving Blackpool & Preston in Lancashire and 'A Star Was Born'. Scottie McClue has reputedly earned millions for TV & radio bosses broadcasts. Upon his return to the airwaves following his tour right here at from 9:00 -10:00pm (21.00 - 22.00) and interactive on high value social media such as Skype, (Skype in with all your points of view to scottie.mcclue and talk live to Scottie worldwide) also interact on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google, Google+ etc

Tell ten to tell ten to tell ten.... SPREAD The word big style Dinky-doo 'Click Listen' 'Scottie McClue swoops and soars in discussion and debate like some great bird of prey. He sees everything from above and below. He is the golden eagle of the world's media who brings information, education & entertainment coupled with deep joy and much laughter right and directly to the hearts and minds of those who need it most - The world's people, you and me. He is also just as much at home striding the earth like some great colossus ensuring at every turn of the world on its axis that knowledge and understanding are not transient. These are some of his gifts to the universe to which we can all bear witness'. (International)

SCOTTIE McCLUE GOES WORLDWIDE Broadcasting live worldwide on YouTube Live every day at 20:00 BST for London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin, & Cardiff time. Also Iceland, Lisbon, Monrovia & Morocco. Other EU states, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain & Malta etc with exception of Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania add 1 hour. For India, Africa, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, The Arctic, The Antarctic, South America, Russia, China, Japan, Tierra del Fuego etc, please adjust your listening times accordingly (see time zone map on home page).

The world's favourite & most famous broadcaster and communicator and the greatest legend that has ever taken to the world's airwaves on Radio, TV & online, is now bringing joy, laughter and education to billions of listeners worldwide. Broadcasting live on YouTube Live, which has already been visited by circa. seven million people worldwide to date. Is the place to be in the 21st century The coolest place to be on the world wide web, the internet where you can actually contact the legend that is Scottie McClue.

By getting in touch through all reputable social media and on many many other radio and TV stations worldwide Across the globe, who are equally excited by this high value content going out untrammelled on their incredibly powerful airwaves. Whoever has McClue has the market All media please copy All social media please share extensively All people - please tell ten to tell ten to tell ten with immediate effect. All enquiries to: Scottie McClue could have up to 7 billion fans Worldwide.


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