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Scottie McClue ...


Tired of bland radio and television? Follow the world's most interesting and inspirational broadcaster & communicator on TV, radio and online who believes in truth and justice for all.

Scottie McClue is now
broadcasting globally via the Internet Phone-in on YouTube every Saturday at 9:00pm BST*.


Sit back and enjoy being informed, educated and entertained. Subscribe on Youtube and follow on Tik-Tok, join Scottie's page on Facebook and Twitch!
It's so easy!!

*BST - British Summer Time (UTC +1)
4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time & 1:00pm Pacific Daylight Time


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During this time of physical distancing and quarantine for some, what better way to spend your Saturday evening than to settle in and enjoy a broadcast by the First Lord of the Internet and the finest world-class broadcaster and communicator.

Never miss a moment of McClue!


Could everyone on Facebook please spend the week SHARING the Internet Phone-in show on YouTube randomly so that as many people as possible can join in with us every Saturday LIVE on Youtube at 9:00pm GMT  sharp & all tell ten to tell ten about Scottie McClue on the Internet Phone-In - Just for You Dinky-Doo!

After over two years of listening to Scottie McClue, I am actually convinced that it's nothing more than just a shameless, albeit incredibly successful bid for notoriety and high audience figures.

A senior British broadsheet journalist


I think I'll definitely go for this, it's nothing short of a phenomenon

A senior British tabloid journalist


He's mad! But the audience love him - so I do as well

A senior PD in commercial radio

He should be permanently on national radio

A former NATIONAL radio PD now a radio PD


The best phone-in presenter in the country

A group radio MD, on national television


Scottie reminds me of C.S. Lewis. He talks like a philosopher and looks like a farmer

A fan


A highly respected, charismatic character who appears to be remarkably influential behind the scenes of the British media.

A Chairman


He's single-handedly changed the face of British radio for the better and given it exactly the shot in the arm it really needed

A senior industry insider




Yes.. it's official

beautiful people have visited this site
making it an all time favourite...

Big Style!
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