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About Scottie ...

Scottie McClue is a world-class broadcaster and communicator who works tirelessly towards informing, educating & entertaining everyone in a spirit of truth and justice for all and furthering the cause of PAR (public access radio) by giving a voice to all. The Massive Mighty Mega Phone-in gives you, the listener a chance and opportunity to be heard, awakening the still small voice that is within every human being.

Scottie McClue's legendary radio phone-in shows on TV and radio stations throughout the uk regularly provide hours and hours of superb, scintillating information, education and entertainment for the nation With great music great songs and great chat and many many surprises. Often with the appearance of many distinguished guests and of course, a chance for listeners to join in the fun local radio for the people just as it should be, with the UK's top talk presenter, the world famous Scottie McClue.

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